Sky Master for Unity

Introducing the new asset from ArtnGame productions, Sky Master for Unity, which provides spectacular looking skies, atmospheric scattering, dynamic volumetric clouds and lighting for your games, in blazing fast speeds and total compatibility. Sky Master v1.5 offers complete integration with Unity 5 and its features (IBL, GI) with the skybox mode and a new scatter fog system, plus multiple other enchancements.

Version 2.0 introduces new image effect and volumetric scatter fog integration for Unity 5, as well as a new preset system to easilly access sets of different parameters for the sky and volumetric fog. A big number of new systems and enchancements include new lightning storm, volume cloud shadows, Speed Tree integration and much more. Ease of use is also enchanced with the new Custom Prefab Creation scene with many included presets and samples of all advanced systems and easier sky placement and setup features.

The new v3.0 of the asset brings a new easy to use configuration system, a complete ocean system with shore lines - underwater - local lights - local & ocean waves, new volumetric cloud features and shaders, volumetric particle lighting, new weather effects and event system and many more features. The system directly integrates with InfiniGRASS for gradual snow growth on foliage and other effects. -

Sky Master ULTIMATE is made for Unity 5 and supports all platforms. For more details and specifics of features available for mobile visit the  Unity Forum Thread.

    Sky Master ULTIMATE v3.0 Demos:

Mobile assets & Latidute/Longitute sysytem demo (v3.3)

Sky Master v3.0: At oll Sno w  &   Gla  ss

Infini GR A SS  -  Air pla ne

Sky Master ULTIMATE v1.0-2.0 Demos:

 Sky Master   v2.0 Demo - Sky Mas t er Demo

  Volumetric  Clou ds Demo - Unity 5  O cean Demo

Sky Master - Unity Asset Store