Project INfiniDy

Introducing the new procedural generation and control system for Unity 3D. The first module of the system, 'InfiniTREE' allows the creation and control of dynamic forests, with unique interactive trees and real time tree growth. Under the hood, a custom multithreaded batching system is used for performance enchancement, making tree inetraction transparent, as well as a complete LOD and tree grouping system that allows any tree number to be used. The new v1.6 brings a lot of enchancements and new features, like a complete tree chopping demo, new grass modes, shaders and samples and much more. Also new optimizations that lower dramatically the memory usage and increase the dynamic phase performance of the system.

InfiniTREE - Asset Store Link

Demo - Demo with SkyMaster

Tree Chopping Demo (Unity 5)

More details at the "INfiniDy Trees" Unity Forum Thread & "INfiniDy" Project Unity Forum Thread.


INfiniDy Trees: Procedural Tree & forest generation and growth