Particle Dynamic Magic v1.2 has been submitted to the asset store. Adding Dynamic Splines, Turbulence, Gameobject particles, Procedural, Projection and Mesh effects and more

2014-05-29 18:50

Hi everyone,

The Particle Dynamic Magic v1.2 pack has been submitted to Unity asset store and pending review.

The features:

  • Global forces, Gravity, Planar Gravity, Swirl and spin effects, Attract and Repel

  • Turbulence with dynamic vortex creation (multithreaded)

  • Spline particles with spline editor and dynamic play mode manipulation of splines

  • Skinned animated / procedural / simple mesh and image based emission.

  • Projection based emission and surface normal conformation for gameobjects.

  • Gameobject scattering and emission (all particle effects apply)

  • Particle painting & propagation (e.g. set on fire and catch fire effects)

  • Terrain conformation for auras and grass/flower fields

  • Dynamic lightning with auto targeting

  • Editor preview and multiple demos & prefabs for all effects