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Oceanis 2024 released on -50% discount until July 23rd. Upgrades to the Environment Building Bundle for $59 during the sale!

Sky Master ULTIMATE: Complete sky, volumetric weather and water simulation suit

Sky Master ULTIMATE is a complete weather and time of day framework, with multiple options for covering a wide range of needs, including mobile oriented modules. The system includes advanced lighting techniques, with volumetric lighting and Real Time voxel based Global Illumination. An advanced water system is also included, focused on performance. Weather effects include lightning that affects clouds and water, snow and rain with GPU particles, interactive snow, dynamic snow coverage, rain affecting water puddles on the ground and the camera screen with dripping water and much more. The system is available in BiRP in store and in URP and HDRP in Google Drive download after purchase the BiRP version. The BiRP version includes LUMINA BiRP for real time Global Illumination, in URP-HDRP Lumina is a standalone asset that can be combined with Sky Master ULTIMATE URP-HDRP.

InfiniGRASS: Next generation vegetation creation and optimization for Unity

InfiniGRASS is a framework for foliage planting and optimization. The system optimization method is focused on maximizing platform compatibility and can be used with the included vegetation shaders or any other shader. The upcoming InfiniGRASS STUDIO version will be able to plant whole terrains on the fly based on Biome and a rules based system. The system is available in BiRP in store and in URP and HDRP in Google Drive download after purchase the BiRP version. The STUDIO version Beta will be available soon to all users of the system.

 Particle Dynamic M agic framework for Unity Asset Store. The game changer 

Particle Dynamic Magic is a complete particle manipulation framework, that is applied on Shuriken particles and includes spline based, physics and turbulence based manipulation of particles, plus a powerful particle register system that can emulate effects like 3D decals that follow objects, ice cast on surfaces and fire propagation, fire melting of ice and dynamic particles that can leave their positions on a surface and gravitate back to it. A GPU particle system is also included for customized fast particles. Musicles module can adapt particles to surfaces on the fly from one object to another and use music as an input for particle motions.

 LUMINA framework for Real Time Voxel Based Global Illumination. 

LUMINA is a complete Real Time Voxel Based Global Illumination framework for UPR and HDRP. The system is based on real time voxelization of the environment, thus does not require any form of baking or preprocessing and can be used directly in procedurally created environments. Also in the latest version a cascade system first version is included that allows the use of detailed GI close to the camera with the first cascade and larger distances coverage with GI using the other two cascades applied at longer distances. Mesh lights are supported, using the material emission property.

  Ethereal system - Volumetric lighting, atmospheric fog & Impostor light volumes 

Ethereal URP Volumetric lighting and Fog is an asset dedicated to the creation of atmospheric fog and volumetric lighting effects in the Universal Pipeline, by simulating the illumination of the small particles present in the atmosphere. It supports hundreds of volumes though an impostor lights system that allows the representation of distant volumes by a much more performant version in the distance. The system supports directional, point and spot lights with full shadowing of the volume from scene objects and cookie textures on the light affecting the volume. The noise effect can be used to emulating moving noise for effects like dust and snow storms.

  ORION framework for space scene and special FX creation. 

ORION Space Scene Generation framework is a system that covers all space scene generation aspects, from procedural planets & spaceships to any relevant special effects, with support for all pipelines. It includes Procedural planets generation, a fully Volumetric Nebula system, with lightning, vortex, galaxy & starfield sub modules, Lens flares from multiple brightness sources, Black hole and Galaxy formation generator systems, Dynamic Background Nebula, fully Volumetric Planet atmosphere with light scattering, Shader based Volumetric Planet atmosphere for outside planet view, LOD based planet generation and traversal, physics interaction in run time, a Procedural Spaceship generator, Dynamic planetary cloud system, Lightning system for planets with multidirectional lighting, Fluid based dynamic planet texture generation and much more. The system can be used in combination with Sky Master ULTIMATE for volumetric planetary clouds and atmospheric effects.

 GIBLION framework for Anime, Non-photoreal and Toon Scene Generation. 

GIBLION Anime-NPR-Toon Scene Generation Framework is a next generation Anime and stylized scene creation framework for the URP Pipeline. The system includes multiple toon, anime, outlining and non photorealistic rendering (NPR) shading techniques in both shader and image effects, blob based creation of cloud and tree formations, particle based foliage generation, dynamic wires system, toon water, dynamic Wind Walker style grass system with compute shader based dynamic grass shaping control and GPU optimization, spline based River generator with toon river water shading and much more.


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Welcome to artengame!

Artengame consists of a group of dedicated participants, that have been developing an ambitious 3D RPG. The game stated in XNA and has moved to Unity3D. It is a game of exploration, party based, real time combat and as amazing art as we can put in. The project is very large and with graphics that try to rival the big boys, so Unity and asset store was the key to actually having a demo close to completion and the whole gameworld constructed. After years of developing systems for the game, we felt that the in house developed systems we used could benefit other developers and thus we are now officially on Unity asset store with the Particle Dynamic Magic particle framework for advanced particle, spline & dynamic decal effects, GI Proxy system for fully real time Global IlluminationSky Master ULTIMATE for a complete sky, weather & water solution and InfiniDy series (InfiniGRASS, InfiniTREE) for extreme foliage & decal optimization, view distances and next generation look.